Duplicate Subscriptions

Allow to fix/merge duplicated subscriptions without having to open a support ticket. This happens too often, and I have a handful of duplicated subscriptions lurking around.


There is an option called “Adjust Subscription” on the top right of each sub, have you tried to use it?

That option doesn’t fix the problem for me. What happens is that a sub payment for, say 2020, gets detached from payments for 2019 and 2021 and treated as a new and separate subscription. There is no way to add them together manually. Of course you can mark the 2020 one inactive, but there’s always a gap in the record. I spoke to the help desk some months ago and they tried to fix it by adding a reference to the source in the Emma database - but it still didn’t put the duplicates together.

I’ve noticed this issue too.

For me specifically if a standing order ref say changes from ‘Transfer’ to ‘Transfers’ and both amount and date remain the same. Emma will pick that up as a new subscription detaching from the previous. This then prevent the new subscription from having any history and old one to cease and changed form being active to inactive.

Should be an option to link / merge two subscriptions in to one should this occur.