Subscription management

At the moment I find no way to edit a subscription if the algorithm groups some transactions together as a single subscription which should not be grouped together. If one has a yearly software subscription on App Store for example, and then tries to make it into a subscription, other App Store transactions will be grouped into that subscription.

Please add feature to exclude transactions from a subscription.

Or if this is already possible, please do enlighten me!



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Hey Francis :wave:

Thanks for raising this!

We know this is an issue (I also have the same problem) and we’re working on making subscriptions better able to handle instances like this - consider it subscriptions 2.0 :muscle:

We don’t have an ETA on when it’ll be released but keep an eye out for it :wink:

In this case, the real challenge is that the App Store always shows up as Connecting to the iTunes Store., so it’s very difficult to distinguish this. :slight_smile:

Hi Eduardo,

My point is that in cases such as this, it would be helpful to have a kind of manual override in the subscription list, so that you could unselect some entries and exclude them from the subscription.


Yes, we have actually implemented a system to add this in; but haven’t released it yet.

It’s funny cause when we started we wanted to automate everything, but now have realised that there is always that 20% of manual “things” you have to do in order to make the app accurate. :slight_smile:

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