Split Transactions in Emma Pro

This feature is finally available in Emma Pro and it is coming to you as I type.

It has been highly requested since we launched Pro, so we are super thrilled to be releasing it.

You can now divide a single transaction into as many transactions as you like and assign categories, notes and tags to the new ones.

The use case for this feature is pretty cool. There are many of us who shop at big chains and buy multiple things that could come under different categories. For example, if I go to Tesco, it doesn’t necessarily mean I have just bought groceries, but I might have bought toothpaste, fuel or medicine.

In this scenario, I can easily create a split for groceries and another one for Personal Care. This gives me the ability to always keep track of everything! :slight_smile:

How would you use this feature? Let us know. :point_down::point_down:


I just split a transaction and it appears that custom categories don’t appear in the split drop down menu.

Oh no, custom categories is what would make this do useful…

I’ve wanted an Alcohol category for ages!

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“Pub” for me :joy:

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Pub, restaurant, supermarket, corner shop, specialist retailer, fairs, festivals, amazon, online shop…

Alcohol comes to me from everywhere :slight_smile:

I’m excited to try this feature (As soon as you launch in the US).

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This appears to be a bug that our QA process didn’t catch. :bug: It will be fixed in the next update and we’ll do better next time.

For now the workaround is to split anyway and change the category of the transaction later as you would do with any other transaction.

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We are shipping an update over the weekend both Android/iOS to address this. :slight_smile:

Splitting transactions is the easiest way to get your fees under control. For instance; If you go to an ATM to withdraw money, you could split the fee it charges into a seperate category that you call ‘Fees’. You could do the same with other fees you might have.


This is a really cool use case!

After thinking about it for a little longer I realized you could also do it with shipping costs, membership fees and so on.

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AHaha, this thing can go forever.

ps: You can also add £0 transactions to the split. :grin:

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This is fully fixed.


This is such a good idea!!!

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Is anyone having issues with this? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s working well for me on Android!

That’s awesome!

All the mini bugs should be fixed by now.

Let us know if you spot something weird. :eyes:

Is it possible to split a transaction after an original transaction split? Tried to the other day and was warned that I would have to scrap the original split to start again.

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You mean split of the split? This is not possible. :frowning:

… yet.


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