Amazon orders integrated & analized

At the moment I can only categorize spendings on Amazon in general. I cannot categorize actual individual items I purchased. My monthly amazing spending is around £900, but that includes groceries, items for my dog, clothing, utility items, beauty products… and I can’t categorize them which is almost crucial to have reliable and accurate analytics.

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I think the algorithm will struggle with the detection of applicable category each time.

I have shops where I purchase pet supplies as well as personal care items or even food. To overcome this, I split out the transaction and then amend the categories and use relevant #s.
Not ideal but that way I can have a better overview of my relevant category budgets.

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Yes, I was going to suggest the same as @frosch411 :slightly_smiling_face:

On Emma Pro, you can split transactions and assign the splits to different categories!


Like you I use Amazon far too much, and do split my transactions, and also try not to use the basket on Amazon but “buy now” on each separate grouping so I can analyse straight away.

If there was an Amazon link, I would use it more for getting the description as that would save a lot of typing!

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Using the Buy Now rather than the basket is a good work around. I’ll try to remember this next time.