Emma Groups Feedback

Been playing around with Emma Groups and love the concept. Would previously use Splitwise for this, and it’s way easier with this new feature.

One thing that would make it more user friendly would be to allow for more than one transaction at a time to be added to a group. Either from within the Groups section, or from All Transactions where we can currently bulk add transactions to categories.

You are assuming that it’s always split 50/50 with the other members of the group?

Can see the feature working similarly to the way bulk tagging categories works now. First selecting the transactions you want to add to the group, then selecting what settings to apply to the transactions you’ve selected. Whether that be 50/50 or something else.

These sound like good ideas - I think we’re going to add an “add to group” button from the transaction screen! Will keep you updated :raised_hands:

Sounds like a very good solution :ok_hand:

Another thing I would suggest is doing something to highlight that a certain transaction is already in a group when selecting to add transactions from your accounts.

I’ve been finding it really difficult to know which transactions I’ve already added to a group and which ones I haven’t. So I find myself going back and forth looking at the transactions already in the group, and then going back to the screen where you select which transactions to add.

A suggestion would be to gray out transactions that are already in a group that you’re selecting transactions for to signify that you don’t need to worry about those.

Yes really good point!

What about having an “add to group” button that then changes to “remove from group” so you know which ones have already been added?

Similar to how we have the split/unsplit payment?

I think it’s a good solution!

Only downside I can see is if someone for some reason would want to add the same transaction twice to one group. I can’t see a usecase, but currently possible so maybe someone has come up with one :stuck_out_tongue:

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