Multiple tags editing + learning are coming

We should be able to release multiple tags editing together with Total budget next week.

This is a quick preview.

This will enable you to apply the same tags to other similar transactions in one go; so you can better use this feature.

We are also adding the same logic that learns from the categories to the tags; so if you keep adding a specific tag to a transaction, Emma will learn this and apply it in the future. :wink:


Could we have multiple transaction renaming too?

I’ve got credit card payments with the card number as reference, which I’d like to rename to something meaningful, but doing it transaction by transaction is too much work…


We can potentially add this in Emma Pro. I don’t see any problem.

However the specific use case you have mentioned is in our plans. We want to rename the internal transfers with the account name.


For example, with Barclays, I get 002030202 230320, which really doesn’t make sense. It would be nice to have Transfer to ISA Account or similar. :slight_smile:


Ah, OK, that would be good too!

I think the ability in Pro to rename multiple transactions with the same current name would be great. If you’ve got loads of transactions with the same name, you probably typically want to rename them all, not just one!

Note to the above, we have actually already built this (the automatic rename of internal transfers), we just need to ship it. :sweat_smile:


I think this is going to make tags really, really useful, so looking forward to the update!

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Actually already requested in the Pro feedback thread

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Now we have this, it would be sooooo useful to have the tags as a line under the transaction everywhere.

It’s less useful if you have to go into the transaction to see the tags!

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Can you make the tag editor page select the tag keyboard on ios? It has the # key prominent in the bottom right corner (at least on instagram it does!) rather than buried under the 123 then shift keys.

On Android, you can just enter the tag without the hash and it adds it automatically when you type a space (indicating you’ve finished the tag)

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It does it on every device. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to be able to add a tag to multiple transactions without replacing the existing tags.

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Yes, we didn’t really think about that. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

The question is more like how do you delete a tag from x transactions?

The app really needs a general selection mechanism, so select ‘all by tag’ or ‘all by category’ ‘all by date’ ‘between £x and £y’ etc then you could show the common tags in the selection and delete any you choose.


Where would you place it?

The ‘what did I spend’ lacks functionality for me. It doesn’t show all of the tags for instance, the time periods available are inflexible, etc

I’d replace it with a much more flexible selection mechanism.


Yeah, for ‘What Did I Spend’, I think the best way is to remove it and incorporate everything inside Search.

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I want a basic boolean type selector - AND OR NOT etc operating on ‘by tag’ ‘by category’ ‘by date’ ‘by amount’ ‘by merchant’ etc

Yes, we are really fans of the Search in Monzo; so you can expect something similar.

Our main tech challenge is we don’t store anything on the phone, so there is a “delay issue” that needs to be solved; otherwise the queries might take a bit.