Siri Shortcuts for iOS?

Forgive me if this has been raised before, but I did a quick search of ‘Siri’ and didn’t find anything.

How about Siri Shortcut integration? I was talking to myself just now (something I do a lot, cause I’m weird like that) and I asked myself ‘how am I doing with my budget?’

And then it hit me… instead of saying that out loud and having nothing but silence in return, what if my phone chimes back with ‘Emma says you’re on track to meet your budget this month - £700 of £1200 spent’ or some variation of that.

Definitely not an important feature request but, I feel, one that helps Emma appear even more personable and able to help without even holding your phone. The weekly updates and notifications are great, but sometimes I’m just randomly reminded that budgeting is a thing and want to know how I’m doing on the spot.


This would be amazing!

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Yes great idea.

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+1 yes please

@edoardomoreni I’m also +1 on this :grin::grin::grin: I like talking to my Irish Siri.

What else could we get Siri to answer?

How many chicken nuggets you can afford over the weekend?

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I think the OPs budget example would be very useful.

Some more ideas…

“What are my scheduled payments this week/month”?
“What’s my current net worth”? <- “Emma says you are worthless Andy”.
“What’s my account name balance”?
“How much have I spent so far this week”?
“How much do I usually spend on category name”?


Do you think their could be an issue around security here? For example, if Siri is activated by the prompt “Hey Siri”, anyone could find out say your net worth

I haven’t ever investigated the Siri SDK/API but yes there probably are security concerns around this. I do know Siri now understands voice profiles. Siri/Alexa etc can also be used to trigger reading of text messages so there are also serious concerns with that with 2 factor messages etc.

I suppose with 2fa then you are likely to be close by and be able to react to that but if someone triggers what’s my net worth while you’re in the room close by then the damage is already done. I wonder if the API allows you to use a “voice confidence” metric or similar that could be set very high to minimise the chance of other people being able to trigger certain actions. When controlling my hue lights with siri via HomePod Siri sometimes says “you need to unlock your iPhone first” so there may be some additional profiling to make sure an authorised person is making the request.

I certainly wouldn’t trust it with the ability to allow payments. Balances and net worth…hmm…not sure.

I’ve been using Shortcuts a bit recently. Integration between downloads on Emma and shortcuts would be awesome for scheduling downloads on a regular basis.


Do you mean app updates?

I’m talking about the actions that apps allow Shortcuts to perform. Like Starbucks having an “order a coffee” action or WhatsApp “send message”.

A download data from day x to day y Action in Emma would be useful.

Interesting idea! :bulb:

Kind of a “download June spending” shortcut?

What do you tend to do with the data once it’s downloaded?

Yes, exactly that. Until rolling budgets come along :grinning: I am downloading data into another app to look at forecasted net worth month by month for a year or so in the future as monthly budgeting just doesn’t work for me.