Budgets exposed to Siri Shortcuts

I hope I’m ok to post this suggestion here. It’s perhaps a bit of a niche one as it’s just for iPhone however I think this would open a lot of possibilities.

I would like to be able to query budgets through Siri Shortcuts. I’ll give an example scenario of how this could be beneficial for someone like myself who is financially compulsive.

You can have an automation based trigger such as opening an app. In my scenario, I have a bit of a just eat takeaway habit and would set the trigger to be opening the app, which would then read the budget used vs remaining and pop over a message with this information over the top of the app.

This would stop me purposely avoiding this information when I’m feeling compulsive which I think would be great for me financially in the long run and allow me to make better decisions.

Just Eat is just one example in this scenario but this could be applied to any app where the use case of the app is dedicated to purchasing goods, particularly compulsive purchases.

I’m sure exposing this info as an API or something through Siri Shortcuts would also bring other automation ideas through that I’ve not even considered

Thanks for your suggestions! Are you proposing integrating Siri Shortcuts for budget queries only, or do you have other features in mind?

There’s probably a whole host of things beyond budgets that would benefits shortcuts for automation.

I’m personally happy with just budgets initially but others may be able to outline some other scenarios and benefits