Search and analytics: feedback and requests


I’ve been using Emma for over a year and wanted to give some feedback and request some features.

Instead of writing a very long post with all my feedback, I’ll group it into topic.
This post is related to search and analytics.

Generate analytics from search

This would be a big feature. Being able to see all the dashboards from the analytics view, but with search filters.

Even more useful would be to be able to save these dashboards, so we can more easily monitor specific kinds of transactions.

Saved searches

I would love to be able to save searches that I’m running frequently. This would be even more useful if we had the dashboard feature I mentioned above.

More filter options

I would love to be able to combine filters using OR instead of AND. It would also be useful to have a NOT filter, e.g. category is NOT Bills.

Filter tags on analytics

I guess this is kind of the same as the first one, but starting from the Analytics view… It would be useful to apply search filters on the Analytics dashboard, e.g. filter by tags.

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We also thought about creating push notifications based on filters - it’d be quite cool. :slight_smile:

For advanced editing - we have recently moved it both in Analytics and Budgeting; we have a design for Search which we are considering.

Saved searches is something we could do but maybe just locally?