Savings Checklist

Woah! That’s a lot of screen real estate on the feed for a pretty status feature. Feels a lot like an advert :frowning:. Seems like something best placed on the More… screen. In fact aren’t most of those items there already? Much prefer graphics and analytical snapshots on the feed to this. Sorry for the whingeing, loving the app, hate fees, dislike subscriptions too (they’re just fees). Keep up the good work


Sorry, I meant static feature

Agreed with this.

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Agreed. I’d like to also be able to tick the boxes or make it disappear, as it is not relevant to me at all.

Hi All :wave:

The graph that the savings checklist has replaced has been moved to analytics so you still have access to this information.

The ability to customise your Feed tab is something that’s on our to-do list :wink:


Absolutely, even more so when I’m only ever going to really tick one box.
I’d love the ability to choose what to show on the feed and would probably hide a few things to be honest.


Agreed. When I saw this announced I though of that will be good to see I’m saving in all the right ways but no it’s no use to me and takes up so much space. Be nice to be able to remove this into a different screen.

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Yes, I think we are adding the ability to edit the dashboard on Emma Pro, but it’s just an idea for now. :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Are you able to do something about the check list in the mean time?

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We are leaving it in the Feed for sure. If we add the ability to edit the dashboard, you will be able to remove it - otherwise it has to stay.

We are just making more visible some features that 1) are useful 2) drive revenue - and in a situation where there is a world pandemic 2) is fundamental for us. :slight_smile:

On top of this, I am more than happy to consider the scenario where:

  1. Pro users want to edit the Feed.
  2. The checklist is fully completed, so we can make it disappear - which is quite cool. :slight_smile:
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I am never going to clear this checklist because I don’t want to use your switching service - better deals can be had elsewhere and there might be other reasons for sticking with a supplier or service. Please remove this useless “feature” asap…


+1 for Pro option to edit the feed. I’m a subscriber but I don’t find any of the feed info useful at all - the first thing I do when I open the app is tap the accounts tab. In fact, if there was an option to default to the accounts tab instead of the feed that would be :raised_hands:t2:


Still no option to remove savings checklist from feed?? Assume only way is to actually change electricity, broadband, start pension, invest??? Dont want to do some of these - I am already on the broadband and electricity provider I want

We are going to add the ability to edit the Feed for Pro users.

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Good to hear!

This is a followup.