Save money tab is ugly

Guys, can you at least make the save money tab hidable for pro users? I understand you need to promote integrations and other services but for many users it is useless. Before the change the app was slick and minimalistic. Now it looks terrible.

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I was just about to post the same thing. Maybe make the lower menu bar customisable - I’d personally get rid of analytics as well. The addition of the “saving money” icon though makes it crowded and definitely needs an option to remove.

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If you close the app and open it again, you shouldn’t see it anymore. :slight_smile:

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Hello folks!

Quick heads up. We have been testing the Save Money tab as an alternative to the Savings Checklist and have found out that it works way better.

For this reason, we are removing the Savings Checklist and introducing the Save Money tab from tomorrow.

This tab will feature several different ways to save money.The inventory is still very small, but we are working with different partners to make sure everyone will get benefit from the feature. :slight_smile:

ps: we really think this is very aligned with Emma’s mission and the number one reason why people download the app -> Saving Money, so it’s quite exciting. :wink:

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Would it be possible to not put it in between Analytics and Accounts?

We have thought about different places and between those two tabs is a sweet spot.

I like it a lot cause it’s not in the Feed between features and is visible for those who need it.

I have been using the app like this for a month and can’t even notice it.

In addition, the feed is very clean.

We can continue here: The Save Money Tab.