The Save Money Tab

Hey guys,

hope you are well!

After a month of testing, we have come to the conclusion that what some of you might already know as the Savings Checklist needs to be replaced with something a bit more functional and less intrusive.

That’s why we are launching a Save Money tab in the app. This will fully take over the Checklist, which will be removed from the Feed.

The goal of the tab is to offer quick ways to save money and help all our users in their financial journeys. Emma, at the core, is a money savings app and to this date, we have done very little to take action in people’s financial journeys.

The feature is rolling out across the UK, but should be available in US & Canada by the end of this month.

As of today, you can:

  • Switch Energy
  • Switch Broadband
  • Compare Car Insurances
  • Compare Home Insurances
  • Get Travel Insurance
  • Aggregate all your pensions in one place
  • Start investing with Nutmeg
  • Get incredible Rewards


Definitely glad to see this removed from the feed. However, I do feel there should be an option to hide this tab for pro users. I would imagine anyone who is paying for a money management app is already pretty keen on finding the best financial products for them, and not likely to sign up for a specific product just because the app recommends it.

I saw a few weeks ago on Facebook that pro users would soon be able to ‘customise’ the feed. Is this it? Or is there more to come?


We have also made the decision to put this on pause.

We are investing time and resources to make the feed shorter and simpler and need more control to understand how. The reason why we were getting requests for this feature was because the Savings Checklist was in the way.

The Save Money tab is not an ad, but part of the core user experience. What we have seen from new users (the tab has been live for about a month) is that they retain much better than those who don’t have the tab.

I like it. Thanks for cleaning it from the feed tab. The new tab is fine for me at least. I think an issue for Emma is building confidence in this aspect of the product. There are established market leaders on some of these things so it will take time to build confidence in the Emma equivalents. I think the unique offering is that it is integrated in the app where you’re already looking at your finances. I recently checked my energy supply via uSwitch, then checked the results in Emma and was encouraged to see the same results. Confidence was the only barrier to me completing my switch in Emma. It will take time, especially in areas of finance where I have less experience or more at risk like pensions and investments.

Well, the truth is we use MoneySuperMarket (Energy/Broadband) and (Home/Car Insurance). These are some of the market leaders.

For PensionBee and Nutmeg, they have been around for years, so some of you might already know them. :smiley:

Guessed that was the case behind the scenes. So it’s just a transparency question and speeding up customer confidence. Tie in with UK’s Money Saving Expert might be interesting. That’s where I got the recommendation for Emma in the first place. There or Which?, memory is a little fuzzy in lockdown.

That’s definitely true and this helps. The feed works well for me now.

I can see this for some of the featured products eg price comparison - just given it a go and the flow seems much faster and easier than just using MSE website which is great. Like that you can leave it and come back to your quotes easily. Would be ideal if one day this could all be automated and Emma sees how much I’m paying for energy etc and shows me better deals without me even looking.

Keep up the great work guys :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s our ultimate end goal, but we still need some user input. :wink:

You are burning the respect I have for your app and team away.

It’s getting so spammy. You are only a few features away from “$$$ FREE MONEY $$$”.

Why is a tab with mostly useless sign-up links in the centre of the tabs bar? Why is “Rewards” still marked as “NEW” even though it’s barely changed since it was released?

I understand that you’re trying to make money but this involves lying to your users that you’re trying to "save them money’ and weakens your product. It can’t be the way.


Sorry about this.

We have actually tried to reduce the spam. The savings checklist was in the way. The tab is not. People who need to click on it, they will. :slight_smile:

OK, the issue here is that there are now 5 tabs with the tab bar making it very cramped, and the “save money” tab is in between the two most important tabs “analytics” and “accounts” making it easy to accidentally tap.

I think as a Pro user we should be able to hide this rubbish from the main screen.

I’m actually starting to wonder whether I should check you Yolt again.

Do they have all of these adverts?


They are not adverts and yes, Yolt has the same.

Hm, to the lay person, it seems like you’ve purposefully put it centre-stage because they are adverts for services and you get commission for us signing up to them.


I think they are at the centre because they are relevant. It’s the number one reason why people download Emma today and for the past couple of years, we haven’t had an answer to that question (How do I save?).

It’s going to be our job from now on to make it more and more relevant as time goes on. :slight_smile:


Literally hate it. It’s useless to me at the moment.


Thanks for the feedback @sivnkya. As @edoardomoreni mentioned, we’ve put it in it’s own tab so you can select it if you need it but if you don’t, it’s not taking up space on your ‘Feed’ tab

Love this mission.

For too long, there’s been too much focus by the Banks (and some budgeting Apps :shushing_face:) on how people can save money on their spending…oh, look at how much money you’re spending on your latte!

Now is a great time and opportunity to help people save money for their future (savings, pensions, investments), and I’m glad to hear Emma is going to help people to do so.


Thanks. :pray:

It is literally front and centre though. Which is really annoying for me (as a pro user). Strikes me as similar to the way first direct has a products page in their app. It feels like it’s not for me and instead it’s for you to sell to me. There must be a better way to do this.

Also the other thing is it’s not at all personal. It’s telling me to combine my pensions (I have). It’s telling me to “fix” my travel insurance… I haven’t traveled with insurance in years…it’s telling me to “start investing” I already have nutmeg and it’s linked to my Emma…it’s telling me to earn rewards… two of the offers it shows I’ve already taken up (so they should go away). I could go on… but I think you get the points.


Hello I love using Emma but there is a danger that in the pursuit of making more money like most companies do, they drive away users. The main reason I use Emma is as a budgeting tool. I can’t imagine why anybody would use it for anything else. So I would rather see a budget tab centre stage than a savings tab for products I am honestly not going to look at daily. That’s what I as a user care about, staying in budget, more than anything else.