Turning off Cashback and other features?

Will it be possible in the near future to change the home to only include what you want to see? I.e. hide Cashback as don’t find it that important to take a spot on the home tab.


Heyyy @garethperry

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We have thought about doing this :blush: I know a couple of people who would love a fully customisable feed tab!

If we give you the option to hide certain sections of the app, would you want the option to view it again at some point? Do we make the feature more like an expand and collapse view?


It would be great to have options to toggle on and off, so it’s not fixed and can change our minds :slight_smile:

Awesome - I’ll share this idea with the team :blush:

Just out of interest, which bits could you see yourself hiding? Just cashback?

Yeah, kind of view them as ads and I want a clean home screen

Interesting ok! Do you see them as ads because you’re not interested in the brands we offer, or because you’re just not interested in the idea of cashback?

I just have apps dedicated to cash back, so if it’s built into Emma, can it be hidden somehow?

Gotcha! I’ll mention it to the team and see what we can do!