Not happy about cash back placement

I have been an Emma pro user since last year. Over the last year I found that the app functionality seems to have improved a lot. I am all for that and that’s the reason I paid for being a pro user.
I was not so happy about When the save tab was introduced and I raised the concern then also.
Now, I saw an notification that seemed more like an spam ad rather than something I can use. The introduction of cash back inside main feed makes me feel like I’m being spammed every time I open the app.
Please put all these things in one tab and let people go there and use it. Give one option to opt out of all savings notifications. I’m using Emma just for the functionality it provides and nothing else.
I’m seriously considering moving out of Emma.


Hey @Uvallabha

Thanks for your feedback on this, I’ll mention it to the rest of the team and we can discuss the different ways we can improve Emma for all of our users :slight_smile: