Renew access notifications

I have just logged into Emma today and I have to renew access to all my accounts before I can see anything. Why couldn’t it have warned me over the past week that access was about to expire? A little note under each account saying something like 7 days to renew would have been much more helpful.

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Hey @Walterboy,

thanks for pointing this out.

Yes, the app notifies after the sync goes in access is revoked. The main reason behind this is that we didn’t want to bother people 3-4 days every time a connection is about to expire. For people that have 5-10 connections, this might happen very frequently.

However, we can revisit this and see if we can experiment with alerts. :slight_smile:

I have 11 connections and they all expired on the same day so I had to renew all of them before I could see the balances. I think maybe a little yellow icon or something next to the account where there are maybe 5 days or less to renew would give me time to reconnect at my convenience over a few days.