Stop the "Reconnect" notifications!

Every couple of weeks or so I get about a dozen notifications over a few days, all of them prompting me to reconnect my accounts. It feels like the app is harassing me when so many are sent! It is the reason why I rarely use my Emma account. I know using the account would mean keeping accounts connected and so stop the notifications, but even when I reconnect I find one app or another needs to be reconnected to accounts every week. The attached screenshot is just to reconnect one account, let alone all the other accounts!

I have reviewed app settings to define which notifications are sent, but there is no option to disable the reconnect notification, I may as well disable all notifications from the app. Why can I just reconnect (if needed) and sync when I actually use the app?!

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Hi @Ian,

if you go to Settings → Bank Logins and tap on “Reconnect All”, you should have all of them reconnected on the same day.

The reconnection process for UK Open Banking connections is one single click. This should fix it.

If you are still struggling, just ping live chat, so we can take a look. :slight_smile:

This notifications are so ridiculous that even a second after just reconnected the account I am receiving this notification to reconnect again some of the accounts are having issues and I don’t want a frequent update because it is so annoying to have such a large banner for the count, you don’t care to update so frequently so there should be some kind of an option that don’t bother me with this notification for at least week or month

Hey @nilsej,

we have already discussed this with you and that’s a different issue. :wink:

Nope it is not Tangerine, that’s all over different issue which you and plaid raised a hand over that it will never be resolved. So I am just living with it.

This is the issue you guys never cared to reply to. It’s a simplii bank which gets disconnected in so often almost every single day with such big distracting banner. If you can’t fix the issue atleast let us snooze this banner.

This is MFA?

I thought I would spend more time on this. Spending time on live chat will do absolutely nothing to improve the system, it would only lead to confirming again everything I have said.

You said banking connections are one single click, in reality it’s more like 3 or 4 clicks and that is for each and every account. One click only opens the Emma app to start the various reconnections and I can do that when I use the app, I don’t need to be in the app anywhere near as often the system requests.

I have now disabled all notifications because the regular four or so reminders to reconnect only serve to put me off using the app.

This is one tap on UK open banking.

You can even do it any time you want, just go to Settings → Bank Logins → Press on Renew All and then tap confirm.

This is a new process we introduced 6 months ago. If any of your banks doesn’t support it, you’ll need to be redirected to the bank website.

If you use the top 10 banks in UK, they all have this system, so you should never see the red card. If you use small banks with outdated systems, it’s likely that they don’t support this. I understand the pain if you have 20 bank logins and I think the best way to do it is to renew every login on the same day, so you only do it once every 90 days.

For US/CA banks, the process is different and they are never logged out in practice. This can happen if credentials change or MFA is enabled on the account.

If you have an issue, please reach out to live chat, so we can locate the account and help you.

If you come here under nickname, we can’t really figure out if there is an issue or not. :man_shrugging: