Better notifications

I think the notifications in emma could be done better, with the implementation of the progress bar for budgets it would be great to get that as a notification rather than this long string of text.

I have turned off all emma notifications just because there is too much text on each one rather than a simpler notification showing just my spend.

Generally i think notifications could be done better

I agree that it need an improvement as I never found the budget notifications helpful and most of time is significant delayed from the event because Emma don’t post transactions for days until it completes and by that time most of the damage is done. If I went restaurant 3 times this week it might be too late when Emma get to see complete transaction for the first and realize to send me notification that I am out of budget for eating out but by that time 2 more transactions has done.
Unfortunately these notification are like this for so many years without any single improvement so hope for improvement is nil

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That is true, I think the cycle has a 4 hour refresh period on the free tier, so in theory, that leaves a high risk of overspending as you’d find out too late.

I would like to see the sync cycle taken from behind a paywall and utilised to full capability for all, if the free tier can successfully budget in real time, surely it’ll improve retention rate etc.

I have a pro and trust me sync doesnt make much difference… Mostly it has to do with how long does it take for emma to recognise that there is a transaction! I feel the solution is may be to support manual transactions in sync accounts and later match the transaction so emma knows whats happening.

US & Canada connections work on top of Plaid and are much slower, unfortunately. Plaid is the biggest provider of bank connectivity and they have built their “system” in a way they control the syncs. The way the code works is that Emma just goes and asks Plaid date 4 times a day, but the actual sync is managed by them.

While in the UK, we connect directly to banks so we can hit them 4 times a day (by law) and as many times as we want if you force a sync.

This doenst address the notifications being more or less pointless and probably could do with reworking all together.

I know I was getting back to him on a separate issue :slight_smile: