Bank Access Renewal

I have been requested to update my access to Virgin Money bank accounts. I have tried several times but nothing happens. What action should I take?

You’ll probably need to go through chat for support for this. Just click on your icon on the top left. Scroll down to ‘Support’ and select ‘chat to a human’. Unless there’s a known problem with Virgin, you may have to take additional steps.

Just a thought though, this isn’t a business account is it? These are no longer supported under any subscription tier other than ‘Ultimate’

Have you checked back in Emma that it has been renewed. On my phone it never returns back to emma after going to the bank screens but to a blank screen and emma says not renewed when you then go back manually but in the background it has been renewed. Press the sync button and the please renew should have disappeared. I reported this around a year ago but has never been fixed