Notifications in Emma

I was looking at our notifications earlier because I was creating an FAQ with definitions of what each notification does.

I would be interested to know what kind of notifications you would like to receive in Emma? (Be as creative as you like :wink:)

Which ones are you not interested in?

Notifications currently available:

Tuesday weekly summary: We send you a weekly report with an overview of your spending. :money_with_wings:

Monthly summary: We send you a monthly summary of your spending in the last month or since your last payday. :tada:

Recurring Payments: We let you know when you have paid a subscription. This could be anything you pay on a monthly basis for example rent or Netflix! :popcorn:

Refunds: We send you a notification when you receive a refund. :clap:

Salary: We let you know when you have been paid. :moneybag:

Budgets: We give you updates on your budget, including when you are about to go over, have gone over and when you are back on track. :running_woman:

Overdrafts: We warn you if we think you are about to go into your overdraft and let you know once you have to help you avoid paying bank fees. :muscle:

Daily balances: Everyday we let you know the balance of your accounts in Emma. :sunglasses:

Rewards: We notify you when we have new rewards available in the app. :gift:

Quiz: This notification lets you know when our quiz is live. Each week you can win £100 in the app. :bear:

Product Updates: We let you know when we have new exciting features and news about Emma. :newspaper:

Low Balance: We tell you when your bank balance is low. :cold_face:

For those that are paid in cash and deposit that

“Paying in schedule” (for example I pay in weekly) where you get a notification on that day to remind you!

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