Recurring transactions

Hi All, new here although have been an Emma user for a while now. One feature i cant seem to find is the ability to front load your recurring transactuons into your budgets.

Emma is great at being able to capture the recurring teamsactions for your budgetry period, but it woukd be ideal if it could automatically add those to you budgets at the begining of each budget cycle.

Im a former Snoop user and this was a small feature snoop had which i found helpful for planning each month if i knew i might have additional expenses in that period

If it already exisits i cant work out where to find it?

Appreciate any help or insight

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Hey @Mordlaw76

You can see your recurring transactions in ‘Committed Spending’ in the Budgeting tab, just under the circle. I guess you meant the ability to automatically fill up the budgeting category at the beginning of each budget cycle and show the remaining budgeting balance?

I passed this message to our product team, but let me know if you want to clarify this further.

Thanks thats really helpful. Yes thats what i was getting at. To fill the budgets with those spends alrwady committed as an automatic action at the beggining of each cycle