Best way to handle recurring income


I’m looking for the best way to handle a recurring income which isn’t my wage, and still have accurate committed spending and budgets.

For context: all the household bills come from my account. Once a month, my partner sends me their share of the bills.
I know I can use Emma to split this in to the respective sections (at the minute I’m using housing for the mortgage and bills for everything else).

However because the full amount of these bills is lesving my account, these are showing in my committed spending - so a full £950 mortgage rather than my half, with no way to show in the ‘committed spending’ that I only pay half of this.

At present I’m just adding the amount I get from my partner to my ‘income’ in the budget section, so that the amount remaining is roughly accurate - is this the best way to do this?

Hey @Nuarton!

The recurring payment section will track the payments from your account so if you are paying the full amount, the recurring payment will show the full amount that is due to come of out your account.

When your partner pays for their half of the mortgage, you can assign this transaction to the same category as your mortgage payment and Emma will offset this against what you paid so when you look at your budget for that category it will only show you’ve spent half.

Hope that makes sense, but let me know if you’ve got any questions :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with the committed spending, but this nets out when I receive the payment, so the analytics look fine after that. :slight_smile: