See all montly schedules/recurring payments in advance

I’m giving Emma a go to see if it can help me better track my expenses and plan my monthly budgets.

I currently don’t have premium.

So far, I was using a manual expenses app where I would create all my recurring transactions and then add additional transactions manually. Because the recurring transactions would “get in” on the day I configured them and I could “add them to the month” at any time, I was able to have a view of how much money I will have to manage the month, considering that all the recurring expenses were already processed (e.g. how much do I have left after all planned recurring expenses).

With that in mind (since is one of the most important pieces of information for me) and in order to decide if it’s work keeping with the subscription, I was wondering if you explain to me how I could do/see the following:

– How to know all my “fixed” recurring expenses each month in advance? (e.g all recurring payments/expenses I have every month, regardless of whether they use direct debit or manual transfer/payment)
– How can I see how much money I have left, considering that all recurring payments/expenses were already cleared?
– How can I make my salary count as an income for the next month instead of the month it’s received? (the salary really defines how much you have to manage next month)

Many thanks in advance

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You can set your total budget in Feed, go in the budgeting section and track “committed spending” for the first two. :slight_smile:

For the third, it’s the same - if you set budgeting, you will be asked to set a budgeting period. You can make this start from your payday.