QR Payment Startups

Interesting space to watch in Fintech with potential relevance to Emma’s payments feature.

An EU based QR payments startup backed by YC, amongst other new players in this space in the EU and UK. The sector is seeing growth having been accelerated by COVID behaviours especially in the hospitality sector.

Can Emma implement QR payment capability in the product? What would the challenges and risks be for the QR adoption in the UK? Apologies if this has been tackled elsewhere. Perhaps this is out-width the PFM sector that Emma occupy? Any thoughts?

Hey @Mattjns, truth to be said, we already have QR payments between Emma users.

The interesting use case would be to bring it to merchants. :wink:

Hey Eduardo… yes agreed. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to diversify revenue streams on the platform and add value to the consumers with another great feature.

Also could be a great way to onboard customers who had not heard of Emma for example. They could pay for their goods and be directed to sign up for Emma’s other great features :ok_hand:t4:

Yes yes yes.

It would be a dream scenario.

You might want to check the Pay tab, the QR code is on the top left.

We are also planning to add a camera there, so you can scan from Emma.

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