Emma in other markets 🌍

Do you have any international bank accounts? :slight_smile:

Where should we go next?

What country do you think will be more willing to adopt a tool like Emma?

Hi @edoardomoreni edoardomoreni I think keep it to Euro next. Many UK banks already include handling Euro’s any way. As a kind idea - just to start light what
about Having Emma with a couple of languages and flavours?
I would say Spanish and French

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ROI would be a natural step.

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We already support this. If you have a EUR account with HSBC, the app will convert the amount to Β£ and show both values. ehehe

I was thinking Italy and France when we started Emma.

Return of Investment?

Thank you.
I am wondering if Emma is able to use other languages other than English? Then people whose first language is not English would feel at home quickly.
Equally, a a different target population is the retied folk. These are all on fixed pensions and have to budget! My mother put money away in envelopes to save for her bills. My old father in law is now getting better with his smart phone… it would help him!!
( I will be showing him Emma)

Yes, we are adding internationalisation to the app. I am not sure what languages we should support if we are UK only? :slight_smile:

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Oh thats great!! Just follow the population in the Uk. Urdu, Hindi, Polish, Italian, there is lots of choice! Good luck to you both, I didn’t know I was talking to the developers! Well done on such a great innovative app.
Just think of the kudos Emma will get if it comes with Syrian language to help refugees understand UK Banking and budgeting !

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People with a gummy bear badge are part of Emma. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestions!

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We are actually launching in 2 new countries and bringing internationalisation to Emma next month. :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow up thread here.


Does anyone know anything about the banking landscape in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand?

Australia is similar to Eu. They had a huge data breach in one bank and are now tightening up regulations. There is a company there called Sandstone which aims to digitalise banking. All I know.

Any plans to conquer Belgium in the near future? :slight_smile:


Not yet, we are going to wait a couple of years before opening to any country in Europe. :slight_smile:

The main reason is behind regulations that are hitting our space, so we need to figure out what the world will look like before doing anything.

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Ok. let me know if you need some info.

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Would love to see more support for countries in asia as i know a lot of us are waiting for an app like this that supports our bank
In my case it would be Bank of Maldives.

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Hello, hello. It’s been a while. As previously suggested, I would love to see you go live in Norway. Being a Norwegian citizen I am of course biased, but I will give you a few reasons why.

Norway is quick to adopt new technology. Vipps, a P2P service that was launched in Norway in May of 2015 had one million users by November. For a population of 5 165 082 people (in 2015), I would say that is a pretty good adoption rate. By July 2019 Vipps reported to have 3.2 million users.

According to official sources (in Norwegian) the percentage of the population with a smart phone in 2017, was 80% and I have no reason to believe the number has decreased since then.

Norwegian are also pretty good at English. We start learning English already in 2nd grade and most of the population, even the older population speaks it more or less fluently. There is therefore no need to translate the app before launch.

And lastly, AFAIK know only one budgeting app has tried to launch in Norway. It had a lot of bugs, a poor interface and was hard to navigate, Emma is therefore well position to take a big cut. For those interested, the app with the poor interface is Spiir.

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Hey! Welcome back :wave:

I wonder what this percentage is for other markets? I’m assuming 80% is quite high?!

A very compelling argument you’ve made there! But as far as I’m aware we don’t currently have any plans to expand into Norway. Definitely an interesting idea!

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