Emma Rewards and Emma Pay

Hey. In the email that I receieved Friday I was informed that US users would soon see ‘Cashback from selected merchants’ as well as ‘Emma Pay’ allowing us to make transfers directly from the app app. I’m really excited about the cashback feature and would love to know what merchants this would be. Would this be something similar to how Dosh does it?

When can we expect these two features? :grinning:

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Hey @BendikHa,

Yes these are all features that we are currently working on :slight_smile:

The question is what merchants would you like to see?

If you would like to make me really happy I’d love to see Walmart, Postmates, DoorDash, Domino’s, Lyft and Amazon. If I were to guess they would be my most used merchants. I’d also be happy to see Apple, Starbucks, Target and H-E-B.

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I’m going to make a new thread to get everyone’s feedback on this :slight_smile: