Pending Transactions

What’s the constraint that prevents us from categorising and adding notes to Pending transactions?

I see the warning message (they like to change), but mine rarely do, and being able to tag them as soon as they appear rather than wait a few days would be nicer. I don’t mind the risk that they might change - the warning message for that is appreciated.

The reason is that I quite often have transactions that are hard to recognise (unexpected/cryptic merchant names or two transactions in different categories with the same merchant). I check my transactions daily because I am most likely to recognise those when they first appear. Having worked out what a transaction is, it would be nice not to have to keep that information in my head for a few days until the transaction is posted.

This was largely discussed here: (Most-Wanted) Features.

I am closing the thread. The short answer is “we see the need of the feature, but it’s incredibly hard and we haven’t spent much time solving it.” :slight_smile: