Display Notes *or* Tags in Transaction list

Here’s an easy change for you, which I think would be very useful: In the list of Transactions, where you currently show Notes in light grey under the Payee name, it would be great if you made it so that it displayed the Tags when the Notes field was blank. What do you think?

Hey @Themitch :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community :bear:

This is a cool idea - I’ll share it with the team.

What would happen if people assigned more than one tag to a transaction? Would you want to see them all, or just the first one?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I’d be happy to see as many as you can squeeze in, either truncating at the end, like you do with the Notes, or just include as many untruncated tags as will fit, if truncating looks weird?

Ok good to know! Thanks for the idea :bulb: