Notes for pending payments

I appreciate a pending payment may change or be cancelled but it would be really handy to have the notes feature active as I often have multiple pending and then it’s a faff trying to recall exactly what each payment was for a few days later.

Unfortunately, it’s just as hard to assign metadata to a pending transaction then to the final transaction as it is to link a pending to a final transaction.

Personally, I think this could be done manually, but Emma is generally dead set against manual solutions.

But maybe there’s a way to create your own metadata for pending transactions - in a separate bin, then somehow link and delete when you get the final transaction

Process would look something like this

  1. Pending transaction is created
  2. Copy is created and put in special bin, where it can be edited
  3. Pending transaction it was copied from drops off pending
  4. User is prompted to select a final transaction for the now orphaned copy
  5. Data is copied over to final transaction and/or is deleted
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I know it can take 4-5 days then I have forgot what it was for
Would be such a simple thing surely to implement