PayPal Accounts

Just a heads up for anyone that has a PayPal account with some money in - they’re going to start charging £12 if you haven’t used or logged into your account in over a year :money_with_wings:

I’ve got a bit of money in my PayPal account, but think I should probably move it into my savings instead…?

How do you use PayPal? Do you keep a balance in there?

I use mine for sites that accept PayPal, but not Amex, and/or sites where I am not comfortable disclosing my credit or debit card details.

Never keep a balance in the account. Always draw from my connected Amex.

I used it for selling on eBay but I always withdraw it after. I wish I didn’t have it but it can come in useful.

Yeah, the money I make from eBay/ Depop sales goes into my PayPal. Perhaps I should start withdrawing straight away too then.

Why do you wish you didn’t have it? @jase

I am not a fan of some of their actions with my account years ago (holding money when I used them as a merchant banking facility) and it’s a double effort. It charges my card or account so I may as well just use my bank card. If security was the reason to use them, I can use disposable virtual card numbers too.

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