Types Of Bank Fees

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We’ve just published a piece about the different types of bank fees and charges

Most of these charges can quite easily be avoided, and using apps like Emma can definitely help!

What do you guys think about the Bank Fees section in the app? Were you shocked at how much you’ve paid in fees?

I’m shocked Monzo Premium hasn’t been identified as a bank fee in my transactions :rofl:

Haha I was considering adding “premium charges” into this article, but I decided that they were more of a conscious decision that have a (hopefully?) positive impact!

How are you finding Monzo Premium?

It’s only recently that I have signed up. I’ve had so many premium accounts that they all merge into the same (insurances, limits, cards).

I specifically bought this as the insurance covers both myself and my partner and we travel a lot (usually), as well as having just purchased a new iPhone 12 Pro and Apple Watch so I have device cover, and like with Emma I love my custom categorisation.

I’m going to add in a few accounts to Monzo and see how their PFM ‘tools’ works but I still have Emma Pro so doubt it’s bye bye gummy bear any time soon!

I’m not sure I will use TransUnion’s CreditView product offered by Monzo but will see. These things tend not to interest me so much.

Interesting that the insurance was one of the things that pulled you in. How does it compare to the cover you get from elsewhere?

Eeee hopefully not!

Medical cover is fine.

Legal cover: I would have preferred more cover in the event of being arrested / detained abroad.

The excess is reasonable and cover for lost possessions is enough for what I take travelling but may be too low for some.

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Emma classes my monthly Santander 123 Lite charge as a bank fee.
I would class this as the same kind of fee as Monzo Premium (i.e. paying for extra features).


Not for long :eyes::joy:


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