Everyday accounts balance

I took a look at my Everyday balance for the first time in a while today and I can’t for the life of me work out how it’s calculated.

I assumed it is just the Current balance minus the Cards balance, but the figure displayed is nothing like that (off by a multiple of more than 2).

Is it maybe just a bug and not being calculated correctly, or am I missing something?

Just checked mine and everything is adding up correctly - can you reach out to live chat please? :blush:

Done! It’s the kind of issue, though, where I wonder whether I’m going crazy, so has anyone else got this?

Mine is incorrect as well. It’s displaying exactly £1500 more than what I expect.

I think £1500 may be the sum of my arranged overdraft limits so might be related to that.

Edit - that’s not it. My overdraft limits are currently higher than this, although might have been £1500 when I first added my accounts to Emma

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CS says this has been reported by a few people, so sounds like a bug

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Could you reach out to me on chat? I add it to the case I’ve raised with the team about this