Paypal credit & manual debts

Heya, bit surprised to see that my ‘paypal credit’ balance, aka not the amount in my paypal account but what I owe on their finance product, doesn’t show up as a debt when Paypal is integrated. Any intention to add it? And also, any intention to add a manual debt amount and creditor? I have some not integrated with Emma that I’d like to be able to see and update so I can remind myself!

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Hey! Thanks for starting at thread!

We currently support Paypal Credit only in US & Canada.

In the UK, we use Paypal’s API, which doesn’t return it unfortunately. :frowning:

Fair enough, thanks for coming back! Any thoughts on the manual debts integration?

+1 for manual debts. I tried to add a negative savings account balance for a manual account and it wouldn’t let me.

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We have this with credit cards as a temporary workaround. :wink:

We are going to add support for loans / mortgages very soon - this will apply to manual as well.


Didn’t think to add a manual credit card - great!

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Does Open Banking impact that at all? Will PayPal Credit be available later in the year or is it likely that their API will still restrict it to PayPal-not-credit?

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PSD2 impacts payment accounts, I am not sure about Paypal Credit. :slight_smile:

When I added my PayPal account, my PayPal credit account and PayPal PayIn3 didn’t appear, so couldn’t see those accounts to look at budgeting and analysis spending. So would be good to have them visible as well like you can a credit card.
The payin3 understand would be more difficult cause if you have multiple running like I have, the bank reference is the same so harder to link transactions and are short term, but would like as a 2 month subscription so affects committed spending/future budgets for next 2 months.

Hey @Dan

Realy sorry but unfortunately, we don’t support PayPal credit and PayPal PayIn3 so you won’t be able to see these in Emma.

Could you do a manual workaround like the others have above?

Paypal payin3, can work around using loans and smart rules, but not with the credit cause that is like a credit card, with new transactions, payments, interest, etc… so would have manually edit balance constantly.