What do you use for international payments?

Hey guys,

How often do you send money abroad and what do you use?

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Chase card or cash

I meant international transfers?

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Tbh ive never had to, is cash in an envelope a thing😂

Nope, if you need to send EUR to Europe in the next 10 minutes. :sweat_smile:

Wise or Starling, whichever is cheaper.

I don’t need it very often, but when I do I use Wise.

I don’t have a Revolut or Starling account so haven’t tried them for international payments.

It’s funny cause we can build them in Emma very easily. :sweat_smile:

Pro and ultimate customers would be way cheaper than Wise.

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Wise for business, if sending single or double digit GBP thousands to USD.

I’ve used both starling and Wise and find that both work decently well and it just depends on the time frame of when I need to recieve the money and how much I’m transferring :sweat_smile:

Are you guys price-sensitive? I was looking at the Wise fees and for many routes, we could beat them.

I don’t do international transfers frequently enough to be massively bothered about price. Certainly wouldn’t open a new account just to get rates which were slightly better than than Wise. But since I already have an Emma account open I’d consider using it for international transfers if you started offering it.

Revolut for smaller amounts and my existing major bank for a significant transfer.

I use Wise, Instarem, and Worldremit. If Emma would be cheaper, I’d definitely use it.

If you could beat wise fees then that’s amazing! Hope you can support most countries. I send money to my grandad in Pakistan sometimes and wise seems to be the cheapest option

I use Wise for RSU sales and those in my office are price sensative (switching platforms often). It is usually a toss up between Wise and Revolut premium. The percentage fees are the important bit here.

It can justify the cost of a subscription for a whole year based on the quantities involved. What currency pairs are you considering?

Wise and revolut.
Used wise for many years for large amounts.
Recently used revolut (metal) and was so much faster.
Swift transfer usd to a usd account in South America. Arrived in less than 2 hours! Cost me 2.39 usd to send 8500 usd

Omg just seen the prices in my starling account to transfer 8500 usd!!

Revolut 2.39 usd!

What a rip off

Wow that is a great deal :clap:t3:

I usually use Wise to transfer money to my Spanish bank account, or to receive USD from a US broker. My transfers are free, but the conversions have fees. I just opened a HSBC current account with a Global Money Account, which should be cheaper for converting and sending money (but can’t yet receive non-GBP without converting the amount to GBP, though support for receiving non-GBP is planned). Global Money Account is HSBC’s new(ish) product that aims to compete with Wise. I shop around and would definitely consider Emma if it were competitive.

One plus with using Wise has been earning interest on the USD at money market rates (currently 4.55% after fees), though this is not FSCS protected.