New Feed Design [Feedback]

Like this! At the moment most of the main screen is redundant for me.

Would this show % of budget spent? At the moment this is a pie chart which is only half on the screen without scrolling, when I just want to see the text total really.

Agree with this hopefully the accounts tab still has the same functionality and it’s still easy to click across between everyday/savings/investments.

Very impressed by Emma’s relentless evolution!

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This is crazy good. Any ETA on when we might see this in US ?

Same time for both UK/US. :slight_smile:

We have a few options for tapping on the section:

  1. The section expands
  2. The accounts are in a modal
  3. We go to a different screen

In my opinion, Different screen is better.

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New update.


I love the upcoming payments at the top.


We should be able to release December / January.


Need some testers?

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Not yet, but soon. :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone!

We need a few users to try out the new design. It’s not finished yet and there are still a few bugs but we want to get some initial feedback on it.

If you’re down to try it, leave your links below and we can enable it on your account


I’m in!