Our New Notifications Panel

Hey guys,

some of you might have already seen this in the app!

We are quite excited to release a new header for the feed with a notification panel that will show you new notifications and old ones at the same time.

This is a big improvement from the “old system” that was showing all the notifications in the Feed under your balance.

The goal here is to keep the feed clean and remove as much noise as possible.


I saw it, I love it. :heart:

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This is great.

Will notifications for weekly or pay period reports appear in this?

It would be good if a notification links to the relevant page, e.g. budget updates takes you to the budget page.

Not yet, but that’s the plan.

Yes, we planned for this as well.

Great! This feels like a really useful addition.

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Thanks a lot, we hope the Feed will be less messy after this.

I’m not particularly keen on how the notifications panel is dominated by “something happened” notifications. Not really sure what extra this adds over just inspecting the transactions lists.

It would be useful if the notifications panel had filter options. I’d choose to hide “something happened” notifications in the list.

@o99 Thank you for the suggestion.

Shall we improve the titles maybe?

I don’t really mind what the titles are. Would just like the option to filter by type.

A real improvement would be a transaction list on the feed that shows more than one item… Hmm

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Our plan was to add a button that goes to the transaction.