How should we re-structure the feed tab?

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I’ve been giving some thought to how the ‘Feed’ tab could be reconstructed and simplified. I was thinking something along the lines of

  1. Left to spend for pay period/budgeting period + days left till payday
  2. Recent Transactions - select ‘see all’ to see all transactions
  3. Upcoming subscriptions - select ‘see all’ to see all subscriptions
  4. Progress on saving/investment goals

How would guys like the ‘Feed’ tab to be structured? @macee_girl @grant.m @BendikHa @o99


I kinda like the idea of having “left to spend” first. It’s the most important feature in the app. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could you not have a series of optional cards and let the user select which they want and in which order?

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That’s a possibility. We had toggles at some point.

It’s more a question of how it looks and feels, with all those colours it might get very confusing.

Surely the answer to that is sort out the colours! Google Newsfeed (or whatever Google Now is called these days) manages it.


If you could toggle, what options would you like to be able to toggle between?

Please can we keep the “heads up I think you’re going to spend/pay…” cards, as they are super helpful :+1:


The top 3 are probably the only 3 features of the feed tab that I actually use (aside from clicking on notifications/messages) so I would be fine with this suggestion.

Also agree there is no need for separate “This pay period” and “days until next payday” cards. They should be combined into a single card.

Is “progress on savings/investment goals” an existing card?

Perhaps would also be a good idea to allow people to re-order the cards themselves.

We don’t have savings/investment goals or a card for them just yet but I think this could be a next step for us :walking_man:t3:

What would you put at the top if you had the option to reorder your cards?

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I’d probably experiment with a few different orders before settling on one. But the first one I’d try would probably be the one you have in the opening post.

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Don’t you think transactions are more important than left to spend?

Maybe. But hard to know unless given the option of trying different orders. I use Monzo, so having left to spend above transactions would feel more familiar which is probably why I’d try that at the top first if given the ability to choose. If not given the option to choose, I don’t think I’d be too bothered by either order (either accounts+transactions or left-to-spend+pay period at the top).

It’s mainly stuff further down that ideally would like to be able to re-position. For example, I never really use “What did I spend” so I’d like to move that below “subscriptions”. However, if you introduced a better search card, integrated with the search in the accounts tab, then I might want that higher up.

Might also be worth adding the order of the cards on the feed tab is not really something I have ever felt is a significant issue (since it does not take much effort to scroll to the bottom). Only commented here because the thread was posed as a question. I wouldn’t have made an unprompted request for re-ordering.


i am a new user of the app and sent some detailed feedback to edoardo.

+1 for allowing users to re order or hide cards they dont need. Everyone’s preferences are going to be different, its better than the app trying to guess what a user cares about

Agreed with the previous post that the first 3 seem like the most relevant to me as well. I am assuming you by “Recent Transactions” , you will leave the carousel in place ?

One other big suggestion is that the “What did I spend” could be merged with the analytics page along with a search function.

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