New Analaytics iii

I have had a look at the new analaytics on categories and I particularly like the yearly one and the bar graph on each category that shows relative increase/decrease over the last few years.

I have as you may well recall have posted on this forum a number of times about the lack of a 12 months summary. I confirm I am very happy with the new functionality.

One tweek that you may like to look at is a selectable start (or last) date for the year ( 12 months ) view to alter the Jan to Dec default. I had a look at the custom tab but that does not give you the previous years for the same time period.

What this has thown up us a lot of duplicate transactions in 2018 and 2019 on one of my accounts which I think came from an issue connecting and support asking me to make a new connection. Is there a way I can bulk delete/exclude these transactions

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Hey @Wmeads001, thanks for the feedback!

I think you can select any period via custom, no? Like a week or 18 months.

Can you ping live chat?