Annual / custom dates totals

I much appreciate the recently added functionality to show totals. Is there a way to check totals for categories, tags or merchants for previous years or custom dates?

I know that you can use the filters in search to look at totals for last year but it would be super useful to have more flexibility with dates. For example, look back at total income, spend or more granular classifications to previous years or, say, show total interest received between 6 April 2021 and 5 April 2022? The latter would be particularly useful for UK tax returns and I imagine there would be many more use cases for others.


PS the burger symbol for category always fries my brain in trying to remember what it represents, even after using the functionality for some time.


Echoing this post, I would also love flexibility to set date ranges on the spending analytics view e.g. I would love to know my all-time (or for a specific date-range) spent on each of the categories or merchants. This flexibility would be useful to track my top spent merchants for example.

This is coming out in July.

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