No. of months in cat. analysis

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Love the app and all the insights it gives :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In the Analytics tab, when I click on a category for which I have set up a budget (groceries), I love how the bar diagram and that I can see how the spent in the category has evolved over the months (including the average via a line through the bars). :abacus::bar_chart::chart_with_upwards_trend:. Very handy!

At present, I can only scroll back in time to August 2020… is this because there is a limitation in the app on how far this analysis goes back? I would to scroll back further at least 12 months so that I can compare year-over-year.
I have grocery spending from well before August 2020 so it’s not that the app wouldn’t have no data to analyse, which makes me think there is a limitation in the app regarding how far it goes back in time.

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It’s only six months, I think. Not sure why. There’s mention of new budgeting features in the pipeline, so hopefully this is an area that will improve!


we just put 6 months there as a default, but can definitely improve it and get way more months.

Thanks for the suggestion, we are filing a ticket.

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Thank you @edoardomoreni and @Gaoler for your swift responses… A longer period would be great, thanks for looking into this :blush: