Analytics Yearly Button

Since the update where you can choose the date range for analyitics i notice myself keeping having to switch to yearly. See how im doing overall. It would be great to have a custom present of buttons or even an annual button placed in the red box. The same with viewing for the uk tax year very annoying to have ti set the range manually.

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Hey Vlad! That is a great suggestion that free space could be better utilized so we’ll look into an annual filter and adding the tax year as a budgeting period

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Even better would be a favorites button where the tax year and annual can be clicked much faster than the way it’s done currently. The other thing would be I like the lines to show my spending vs the previous period another line I would add is the spending compared to the last 3/6months so I can see overall if am I keeping that line under the last period trying to save/ invest as much as possible.

The bar chart view of income vs spending would be great to have a third bar for investment so you can see how much you have invested too just add a toggle in a setting to say “split investment spending in analytics” then if a new category is made I have a few custom ones that can be set as an investment category

This is great and definitely something to look into now that Invest has been up for a few months! Thanks Vlad always appreciate the feedback and thoughtful contributions

Similarly vs last month is ok but vs average (maybe last 12 months) would be great !

And if possible to add an income line to the same graph rather than having to go to the bar chart and flick through each month.

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That’s a great suggestion I really like the idea of an average to compare to!

For the income line do you mean having that in the spend over time graph?

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Yes. I guess not that useful in a monthly context but good to see over a longer period.