Delete Data From Earlier Than Certain Time?

New user. Linked my bank. I want to remove all the transaction history before (let’s say) May 2020. Can I do that? I feel it would make my analytics a lot tidier, because I’m only willing to go so far back to tag transactions.

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Hey Mike,

thanks for your message. :slight_smile:

We currently don’t support this feature, but I am happy to take it into consideration with the team.

What would be the use case? You are not really forced to tag transactions back.

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I guess I assumed there were some analytics to do with the past 3-6 months of spending, which were messed up (I haven’t dug in enough to find this though). I shouldn’t have said May - - realistically, I’ll be able to catch up back to September (2 months). I’d expect other new users would have the same experience?

But if you told me there are no historic analytics to see, or stats or data that would be affected, and there’s no plans to add such views, then I guess this request wouldn’t be necessary. I’m thinking of visuals like “spend vs. Budget for last 6 months”, or similar.

In terms of this, you can just swipe back in Analytics to see how you performed each month, but the analytics are fairly contextual to that time period.

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