Net Worth / Connect ISA accounts

Hi, I love Emma and how it’s growing so quickly! In line with the “consolidated view” of the app, it’ll be great to be able to connect ISA accounts (S&S / cash, and perhaps even SIPPs in the future, I think the latter are less popular) so that we get closer to seeing our net worth. Currently when I look at the app I feel poor :sweat_smile:. Connecting my ISA accounts would be great for those of us that invest more than save. I’m currently using IG and YouInvest (AJBell). I also trade but I suppose adding CFD brokers might be a little more difficult…

Hey @Elenigna

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Agree that it would be great to connect ISAs to Emma. The reason we don’t currently do this is because banks only need to provide access to payment accounts via the Open Banking system.

There’s more info about this on our FAQ page which I’ve listed below.

Do you have Emma Pro? If you do, you can manually connect accounts that aren’t supported by Open Banking!

Hi @rebekah , thanks I imagined there was something APIsh behind. What happens in Emma Pro (I don’t have it) when you add the accounts manually, do you have to update the balances manually? The idea is to see how the investments grow without logging into multiple investment accounts.

So you can add manual accounts, and then update the balance and add transactions manually - or you can use our feature called Smart Rules.

This basically lets you link an offline account with online transactions. For me it works well for any money that comes out of my current account and gets transferred into a savings acc/ premium bonds

For any investment account, smart rules would only show you the balance increase by the amount you topped the account up. However, we are also working on this… Tracking Stocks and Commodities :raised_hands:

Got it. I’ll wait until it’s automatic like for the accounts linked (if ever :)), so it’ll show returns too. Else I will keep logging into the accounts to see returns anyway, no point in doing double work.