Would Love to pay for Pro

I have joined Emma recently and used the 7 day free trial.

I love the App but need more Integrations to make it worth paying for.

A number of these have been mentioned before and I am sure will be on the Emma Roadmap - need to keep searching as haven’t found an Integration Roadmap yet.

I am not clear whcih other providers are capable of integrating - for example Interactive Investors is on my list and appears within the App as a way to start Investing BUT is not on the Investments account options list.

Is that because II not ready or Emma need to integrate?

My list…

Marcus (savings)
RCI Bank (savings)
Aviva (Investments and Pension)
Legal and General (Pension)
Prudential (Pension)
Premium Bonds
Interactive Investors (investments)
Plum (savings and investments)
Zopa (investments)
Crowdcube (investments)
EverUp (savings)

Hello @Meniscus65 :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community!

We don’t really have an Integration Roadmap - I guess we’re at the stage where we’ve added the majority of providers that are possible to integrate.

There are some separate threads that explain why we haven’t integrated with some of these providers, e.g Marcus Integration - #19 by krs, Interactive Investor Integration, but it’s mostly because they don’t have an API we can use!

I’ll share any integration updates we have here on the Community though :blush:

Also just to add… if you have Emma Pro you can add these as offline accounts so you can see them in Emma anyway!

I know it’s not quite the same, but with Smart Rules it works really well!


That is actually very cool as most of the accounts in my list are funded from accounts which are supported, so smart rules could make Offline accounts worth it.

Thank you

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I’ve had no trouble integrating non listed investments such as Plum, AA Savings, pension pots etc!
Works well for me and I’ve taken up the Emma Crowd Funding on that basis.

Love to hear it! Thanks @neilwaveley