Automatic investment

Would be nice to have a feature until a stocks API is added that investments are added to an automatic offline investment account which can then be added to the net worth. As of right now seems my money is just being “spent” rather than invested.

@Vladanm999 Thanks for your feedback.
I will transfer your suggestion back to the team :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you checked Smart Rules in Emma Pro?

I have not, I’m not an emma pro/plus user as at the current price and my budget premium emma service doesn’t offer enough value for me. If there was a few more features added to the pro service I would be more likely to make the purchase.

Which features?

Main ones are

  • API integration with stocks and shares apps like free trade.

-Better analytics being able to quickly click on a merchant and see all the stats for my spending with them toggling time so from beginning or time to weekly and seeing a graph trend

-More customisation within the app like rearranging the main home screen so I can keep what I see as key information at the forefront

-Better algorithmic learning, have lots of time where merchant icons or names are very strange and gets thrown into the general category and have to have lots of manual input

-Category rolling budgets so I can choose which categories have rolling budgets like my shopping or eating out while things like groceries are kept to a hard monthly budget.

-Manual date range selection so I can see for instance how much I spent on eating out between November to April for instance.

-More informative trends and weekly roundup after a few weeks the summary emma creates is similar. A more interesting summary would be good like my investments are up 9% this week/month.

-Investment targets as they shouldn’t be seen as a spend and not taken away from your portfolio added to a separate pot with stocks API integration this would be automatic and make life easier.

-Removing the upgrade tab once you do upgrade and adding something useful as a 5th tab as right now it’s completely unnecessary to have a whole tab just for settings essentially. A 5th investments or targets or groups tab would be more useful.

-Making payments more easy with my friends currently when you use emma to pay someone it simply opens that current account in a new tab which is not much easier than just opening that account. Something more similar to paypal where its put in their details amount and its done .

Some ideas aren’t emmas doing like the API im well aware or other features but these are important to me personally and the next thing is the price. £10pm is very steep that is the same as spotify premium which personally doesn’t offer me as much value. I open emma a couple times a day for £10pm id need serious value or a price reduction.

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This is coming in our new app design.

This is in Emma Pro. :slight_smile:

This is coming in the new app design.

Where is the Upgrade tab?

I use smart rules for this and for other things like cash withdrawals (yeah, I still do that too! :relaxed:). I appreciate it’s a paid function but it is a great feature. I’d like to see it more customisable in terms of being able to name transactions based on narrative and date but for moving money to manual accounts and to show net worth, as you’ve indicated, it’s a great tool.