Transfer funds from current account to offline savings account

Good morning
I am sure this would already be available but I transfer funds monthly into savings accounts. Unfortunately these Nationwide accounts cannot be linked so I have added them manually.
I would like to set up the transfer transactions so the automatically move to the manual savings account I have set up. How do I do this please?

Thank you.

I haven’t used it myself, but the in development smart rules feature may be what you need…

Thank you but where do I find Smart Rules on the iOS app?

It hasn’t been generally released yet.

If you want access to the test version you can request in the thread I linked to (see the first post). I assume you could also ask via in-app support.

Hey @Carlaspital :wave: Welcome to the Emma Community!

And thanks @o99 for helping to answer this query

We’re hoping that smart rules will be released for everyone verrrrry soon! :crossed_fingers: