Transfer funds from current account to offline savings account

Good morning
I am sure this would already be available but I transfer funds monthly into savings accounts. Unfortunately these Nationwide accounts cannot be linked so I have added them manually.
I would like to set up the transfer transactions so the automatically move to the manual savings account I have set up. How do I do this please?

Thank you.

I haven’t used it myself, but the in development smart rules feature may be what you need…

Thank you but where do I find Smart Rules on the iOS app?

It hasn’t been generally released yet.

If you want access to the test version you can request in the thread I linked to (see the first post). I assume you could also ask via in-app support.

Hey @Carlaspital :wave: Welcome to the Emma Community!

And thanks @o99 for helping to answer this query

We’re hoping that smart rules will be released for everyone verrrrry soon! :crossed_fingers:

Is there any news on this for the Android app? You can’t seem to transfer between current and saving accounts…New to Emma and this seems a bit of a basic function…

What do you mean?

Ok, say I want to transfer £1000 from a savings account to a current account there seems to be no way of doing this, I can transfer between current accounts but no savings accounts appear in the source list.

Can you message live chat? They can check this for you.

It might be that the Savings account doesn’t support the payment functionality.