(Most-Wanted 🇨🇦) integrations

Also wanted to add to the BMO thread as well! I tried adding my BMO account multiple times the past week, but it did not work (HSBC and WealthSimple were fine). So I messaged BMO on Twitter asking if they knew anything about the Emma-app and Plaid integration. I also mentioned that I could connect my BMO account with Mint.com but not with the Emma-app. Here’s what BMO responded:

It is possible that our app will block out third party apps for security reasons. Many third-party finance services are unavailable, since they require you to share your Online Banking information in order to register. We can’t account for why some apps have been successful to register, but we do strongly discourage customers with sharing their login information with any third party company for security reasons.

If there’s some way the Emma-app team could contact BMO or get Plaid to contact them [it seems like it’s supposed to be supported since they mention it on this blog post] to work something out, that would be amazing! I’d love to use the Emma-app, but I make most of my purchases through BMO so I’ll have to stick with Mint for now…

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Hey @cyang :wave:

We’ve reached out to Plaid about this and they’re currently working on fixing our connection with BMO :wink:


Hey Joel!

Thank you so much for investigating. This is greatly appreciated. Should I keep an eye here for when it is working? Or, is there somewhere else that is better?

Thanks again for looking into this matter. Cannot wait to start using Emma :slight_smile:


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I was wondering about maybe more credit card unions, such as Servus Credit Union.



I’ve just got back to you via chat for Servus :wink:

For HomeTrust, their credit cards aren’t supported currently but our provider is considering adding support

I’m sure this has been requested-

Hey @Joel /@edoardomoreni - Are you guys also working with Plaid to get WealthSimple Trade supported as well? I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate seeing a true Canadian Robinhood competitor enabled on your platform

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Hey @princeharshan, with Wealthsimple, we have a direct relationship. If you connect via Investments, you will use their own API. :wink: I don’t think there is a Trade API yet, but we can definitely check.


Is the integration for PayPal expected to come soon?

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Can we have welath simple trade integration ?


It seems that Tangerine is not endorsing Emma as they said to me on Twitter.
Any possibilty of changing that ?


Hi, Is Plum on th list of integrations to make?


Does Plum operate in Canada?

Can you add Brim Financial to Emma (MasterCard in Canada)? https://brimfinancial.com/webportal/login

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I need to add Rogers Bank (Canada) to get a full picture of my expenses. Please let me know when you plan to start supporting this bank.

Hey @Lakepoint :wave:

I’ve chatted with our provider that makes our Canadian connections and this is what they’ve said regarding Rogers :pensive:

" Unfortunately we have decided that we cannot support Roger’s Bank at this time. It has been a complicated integration to build, and we have decided not to prioritize this bank at this time "

We will let you know if anything changes :crossed_fingers:

It’s been requested here before (as far back as a year ago) but please include TD WebBroker investment account. The data is visible on the main login page for TD Bank, should be a very simple mapping.

Hey @nfang,

I’ll keep you updated on this when I hear back from the inquiry I submitted to our provider :wink:

Mainstreet credit union, there are a number Mainstreet banks listed but none are my bank, Mainstreetcu.ca formerly Sydenham credit union.

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Hey @Asymons

Please can you reach out to our in-app live chat about adding this integration? :blush:

We can then request it from our provider to add this, as integrations in Canada aren’t up to us :crossed_fingers:

KOHO would be another very handy to have integrated. Thanks! :grin: