(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

No, there is no way for this.

We have tried contacting the bank and they have no interest in supporting/updating/helping. We are going to transition this connection to a new system later in September, which should avoid this; at least for current accounts and credit cards.

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If Ratesetter and Funding Circle have made the list, what about Zopa and Lending Works?

No one has done all the major P2P platforms yet, but would be great to see the balances at least in one place


What is it? :slight_smile:

It’s an investment platform that allows you to open stocks & shares ISA , lifetime ISA and investment accounts.

It mostly operations within workplace benefits schemes for different companies so that money can invested via salary sacrifice if the user wants.

The company I work for introduced it as a benefit this year and It be great if I could track my S&S ISA though EMMA.

At the moment I use a manual account but integration would be better😁

EDIT: link to there website if you want to take a look

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That’s interesting to know, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

We can add it to the list.

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How does Yolt manage it? Yolt updates Tesco automatically - why can’t Emma?

They should have the same issue or they have moved to Tesco Open Banking.

The last time we checked they had the issue too, cause Tesco hadn’t released their API yet.

No yolt has been like that for a long time before I started using emma

They might have a special agreement with the bank.

Saltedge tried to get in touch with Yolt directly at first to figure this out, but then nothing really happened, and the bank refused to talk with them. They said they were going to release Open Banking APIs, so that’s their focus.

We’ll start using them in September.

In terms of us, we understand it’s a pain and there isn’t a way to resolve this in the immediate; so we are keeping it live since a few people requested it.

With these conditions, I don’t even think it should be available.

We made a similar experiment with Capital One and now it’s completely broken on a global scale (American finance apps can’t connect).

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Has there been movement on any of the above suggestions?

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Not yet, we are focused on a big project right now, which is taking everything over.

We are still delivering some key features this month. :slight_smile:

Yolt have apparently just added Marcus according to this post.


Was literally about to post this.

I trust Emma are around the corner @edoardomoreni?

MoneyHub have just added Marcus too

Yes, they both use Yodlee, so that makes sense.

By the way, does this require OTP and constant re-authentication?

Definitely needs OTP, not sure on re-authentication yet.

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