Triodos Bank Integration

Triodos please :+1:t2:

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Don’t tell me you have an account there. :rofl:

Bank or crowdfunding?

I see above @edoardomoreni saying there haven’t been many requests for Triodos.

Is there an official way of making a request through the app, or is it just by posting on here?

I would really like to see Triodos added to Emma. I am looking to open an account with them so I can bank more ethically, but it will be pain if I cannot track my spending with Emma.


I had a Triodos account for a while, but got too frustrated with the crappy security codes and the terrible app…

I think they should just outsource the current account, but with ethics built into the sma…

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Do you know how many customers they have?

I don’t think there’s a published figure, but the CASS switching statistics suggest they must have a significant number

Edit: I think January was actually the first time they were reported separately

Thanks for sharing!

Hi there,

It’s tiny, but super-relevant as it’s an ethical bank.

Triodos Bank -

They have an online banking app as well (iOS at least) Would love to see them get onboard!

Please, thanks, gratitude and hugs.


I used it for a while - it was like going back to the 2000s. Which is a shame, because what they’re doing in general is great.

I’d love to see their crowdfunding platform connected too, but I suppose that’s even less likely

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Great to be able to import Triodos current accounts.

Their current accounts are only a few years old but they are already one of the most rated ‘ethical’ banks.

Hey @JHack,

Welcome to the community and thank you for your suggestion.

A couple of people have mentioned this bank recently!

Thanks @lilli,

Not sure if Triodos’ current account isn’t on there yet because its still relatively new, or because Triodos haven’t consented access.

Do you know how often (and how) Emma updates users on banks that have been recently added to the app?

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I don’t think Triodos will have an open API until September this year but still, not long!

We can’t connect banks until an open API is available.

When new integrations become available we usually notify users via email, social media and of course on our forum. :smiley:

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Could you give any indication as to whether you are working on a connection atm?

you mean in regards to all of the banks listed above?

Either from that list (or any bank for that matter) :joy:

Ah, fantatic. Just found their article saying they will be offering Open Banking services via API from Sept 14.

Will pop that in my diary and remind myself to check in with Emma again then!

Thanks for your help

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Yes I will try and do this as best as i can :slight_smile:

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definitely keep an eye out on this forum

You can definitely check in before September though! :wink::sunglasses: