(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

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because you can see the transactions?

We can statistically figure this out in the same way we add logos to transactions or categories.

makes sense…so if i go and do a load of transfers now to Oaknorth will that bump them up your priority :sweat_smile:

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Now, cause it will count as 1 user. :wink:

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  • John Lewis Partnership card (leading rewards card)
  • AJ Bell / Youinvest

What rewards do you get? I thought Amex was quite good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There seem to be a few banks and cards apparently supported by Saltedge and/or Truelayer which aren’t supported by Emma.

Capital One (SE)
Co-Op (TL & SE)
Marks & Spencer (TL)
N26 (SE)
Triodos (SE)
Ulster (TL &SE)

Saltedge supported banks here
Truelayer supported banks here

Is this because there is still a significant amount of unique development work for you to do (i.e. varies from bank to bank) even after TL/SE handle the login process, and so you have to be selective even among the banks that TL/SE support?


Waitrose vouchers :wink:

I used to bother with Amex but can never find good ways to spend the points. Groceries win every time! Also who could be bothered to carry a second card because Amex isn’t accepted everywhere. Oh and also Curve don’t support Amex (not their fault though).

By “leading rewards card” what I really meant was that maybe it’s a good idea to always have the top 5 rewards cards listed at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/best-credit-card-rewards/ or similar on the Emma top list?


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Do you mean MBNA, which is already supported?

From Saltedge’s list of supported banks

Let me remove MBMA.

In terms of these:

  • Capital One was available until yesterday. They made some changes, which need to be fixed from Saltedge, and we have taken it down.
  • Co-Op is available.
  • M&S has Open Banking available, so I think we are enabling it in September, same as Ulster.
  • Triodos, this was requested by 1 person in the last 15 months.
  • N26, they integrate with the german version and we are figuring it out if it’s compatible with the UK one.

I use Apple Pay and switch to Barclays, when that is the case.

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Ah yes, they list as Co-operative Bank and you list it as The Co-operative Bank, which is why I missed it in Emma.

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+1 for Sainsbury’s Bank (credit card)

Also natwest mortages would be great

edit: Oh! And Legal & General pension

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Is there any way to get Tesco Bank to update normally?

Having to do the SMS verification/wait 5 minutes to update every time is very irritating.

Tandem is my only completely missing account.

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