(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

On a roll!

What’s next on the pipeline?

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All the Newday Cards.


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Are prepaid accounts ever added? I would like to see PayPal prepaid Mastercard added

Should this be in the US integrations thread?
I’m not sure if this card is available in the UK.

In the UK some prepaid cards/accounts have been added (e.g. Revolut and TransferWise). The requirement is the account provider needs to have provided an open banking API for Emma to have the opportunity to integrate.

But I suppose might be different for US-based accounts.

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I think another good one is ETFMatic. I really hope they have an API.

URL: https://etfmatic.com/


I have a credit card with amazon, the lender is New Day. I would like to add it to my budget. Is this something you can add?

Many thanks

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Hi @catliz,

we don’t currently support this credit card, but should be available very soon. :slight_smile:



Thank you I hope it is as it would be very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Any update :slight_smile:


will any other these be added to your current list of banks?

Hey @Hakman thanks for your suggestion - no eta at the moment for adding those two banks :slight_smile:

Is there likely to be an additional tap for mortgages, Halifax integration works, would be a good addition to import my mortgage too to provide a full overview of finances, however kept spectate from normal loans

I think BΓ³ bank can be removed from the list now :wink: I can’t edit it sadly.


If the banks will ever support this, yes. At this point, we use their technology to connect. :wink:


Hello, I’ve just started using Emma and wondered if Creation Finance (credit card) is on the integration to do list?

It’s my main card so integration would be appreciated!


Would be great to have Crypto.com, Trading 212 (already mention above, sorry just repeating others) and Ledger Live pleaseee.

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Another vote for Triodos please :slight_smile: Also Marcus.

Hey @Willowisp, @Raza & @lsto :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community!

Always good to hear what integrations you’d like, currently no eta for those at the mo

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